Route 72 Bridge


This was my first 3 exposure HDR with my new Nikon d90 and Tokina 11-16 lens. It was a huge upgrade from my Rebel XT. I plan on making a page of this site about creating HDR photos and recommend equipment and software. Trey Ratcliff’s site at http://www.stuckincustoms.com/hdr-tutorial/ it’s an awesome source of information and he produces some amazing work. He really shows what you can accomplish with HDR photography.[fb-share]

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2 Responses to “Route 72 Bridge”

  1. Alex says:

    Followed your link from blogtap.net (I’m using the same theme as you). Great photos, but this one’s my favorite. I can’t wait to see more HDR shots.

  2. Diverse Image says:

    Alex, thanks for the feedback I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Don’t worry I update new pictures very regularly, so you won’t have to wait long lol. Are you using the theme for a photography blog as well? If so shoot me a link!

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