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Your photographs have a different look to them some of them animated, why?

The pictures are taken and post processed to made into a HDR. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range it allows for more “light” depth to be viewed than a standard picture. I vary from picture to picture the strength of the technique. A very strong HDR will seem to have an animated look to them. Most of the time I utilize the technique to help mimic more closely how the our eyes natural see, thus producing a picture that is how you viewed it. The problem with cameras is that they can only capture a small amount of dynamic range compared to our eyes. The dynamic range is the low light levels and high levels in a picture.

What are the steps to make and HDR photograph?

The steps to make an HDR usually require multiple pictures of the same exact scene (it is possible to make a single picture HDR using a RAW image). What I mean is that you need to take a minimum of 3 pictures to capture the dynamic range. One picture that is under exposed, one that is perfectly exposed and one that is over exposed. In order to get these shots a tripod is a necessity, not the most fun to carry around but good luck without one.

This is the difference between a regular picture and an HDR

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