The Fork

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Wanted to try some more black and white effects, as the last one came out pretty nice. My computer is down and I don’t have my collection of pictures. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything because of this, and I feel like a similar snowy picture is better than nothing. This was taken on the way out of Forked River Mountain right after it snowed in the last storm we had. I think that similar B&W photos will become more popular in my gallery, I’m starting to like them for the first time.

East Branch Bass River

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Took a stroll to Bass River State Park but when I arrived, it was closed and locked up like I expected it would be. So I continued to drive along Stage Road thinking that I would find something else in the area. Right down the road from the park was this place. As soon as I spotted I pulled over to take a picture. I thought it looked so cool with all the snow. This picture was actually from the second time I went there. The first time I didn’t like how the picture came out, so I had to make another trip. Luckily we’ve had a couple snow storms this winter, and I didn’t have to wait long to get a similar picture with all the snow.[fb-share]

Sunset on the Reeds

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I had to go against my tradition of diversifying the pictures that I post. The past two were taken within minutes of each other and contain many similar features, such as the sky. I’ve always changed up the subject of my pictures that I post to keep things fresh, after all this is “Diverse Image”, but this time I felt like posting these two back-to-back. This one I thought looked so cool, the dismal and flat colors in the bay reeds, along with the bare tree, surrounded by the vibrant colors in the sky. [fb-share]

Drifts on the Dock

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I was aware that the entire northeast was expecting some snow, but what I didn’t realize was how much. Turns out my area received about 2 feet, which is much more than I thought we were getting. The only downside (to me anyways) is that I can’t go in the woods to cruise around, because even in a Jeep the snow is just too deep. I learned this the hard way one year and actually got stuck for a few hours totally stranded, with barley any service on my phone and a quickly dying battery. While waiting for someone to come tow us out, in what appeared to be the Arctic tundra, my friend and I took some pictures. One of which that I’m currently using as my website banner. So this time around, I decided just to drive around locally and snapped this one today.[fb-share]

Ouray Lookout

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I took the “Million Dollar Highway” into Ouray (pronounced your-ray). I stopped at this lookout point and learned that it was also apparently the “Switzerland of America” or so the sign said anyway. When I got out of the car to frame some shots I heard the loudspeaker from the ice climbing competition that you can somewhat see in the bottom left of the picture.[fb-share]

Fantasy Island

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I took this picture during the snow storm in February 2010. I though Fantasy Island would look pretty cool with all the snow so I decided to drive there. Not to mention during the last snow storm we had I went north on LBI so this time I figured I would go south and take some pictures down that way. I stopped in the middle of the flooded road where there was only a small dry patch on the entire thing, set up my tripod and fired away.

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